Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Although they come early and I'm often fumbling around for the first little while, I love mornings. Sometimes warm and inviting, other times bright and energizing, or even cloudy and agnsty; they always signify a new beginning and a chance to start all over again. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday or what's going to happen tomorrow, today has dawned and it's fresh and new and the possibilities always seem so endless! It's like opening up a new leather bound journal and seeing all those blank, crisp white pages and you sit there holding a pen.

What kind words could you say that would burn brightly into someones life today? How can you help someone in your family today? Like really help, the kind of help that makes them sleep well at night when they think of the way you touched their life? You don't have to be amazing to touch someone's life in an amazing way, you just have to love them the way they need loving that day.

There's adventure out there too. Lot's of adventure.

You should try something new today. There's always something you want to do or look into, today should be that day for you. You try it. Whatever your "it" thing is. Do it!

I love new days and I'm thankful to worship the God that creates them! Today is your day, go write it!