Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Shopping Post!

I don't know why I enjoy grocery shopping so much, I guess I just enjoy getting out early in the morning before most other shoppers are out and reveling in the quite peacefulness of something that is normally kind of a headache. This last time I went shopping I brought my camera. I didn't have anything specific I planned on shooting, but you never know what you're going to come across! Have you ever watched those documentaries about big foot or U.F.Os and there is "real" camera footage of random flying saucers or the yeti and someone just happens to have their camera with them? Well that will totally be me! There will photographic evidence of Elvis at the gas station and someone will wonder who on earth will just have happened to have their camera when Elvis came out of hiding and THAT PERSON WILL BE MEEEEE!(For example, I saw Abraham Lincoln at Walmart. Do you believe me? Probably not, but if I would have had my camera on me....) Ok, I sound like a crazy person. :) I don't believe Elvis is around or anything, I'm just saying I like to be prepared for the unusual or eventful. :)

Actually, something unusual did happen! Shopping took much longer than I had anticipated, so I ended up picking up lunch for the girls from Mc Donalds. OK, that's not the unusual part, well, I mean it is, but that's not what I was thinking.

They actually fell asleep and I found myself with a few minutes of peaceful quietness!

I was on my home and decided to take the "long" way. The Harbor Downtown is only about 2 miles from our apartment, so I made way through town before going home.

The pretty but empty harbor....

The old art deco style lighthouse, which I always have kinda liked despite not being one of those awesome old style light houses so filled with character. Nontraditional and something neat and different...


I accidentally took this picture but think it's neat anyway :)

The fruits of my labour :)

Unloading was a little different this time. Aside from taking me an hour, I had to scan every single item I purchased. Although it's already a little bit more work than I anticipated, I'm really enjoying being a part of the Nielsen National Consumer Panel. I always wondered where they got "consumer information" from. Well, I am totally "one of those" consumers! I know it sounds lame, but it's kinda neat.

They send you a scanner, information booklet, and a list of barcodes. What you do is scan every purchase you make, tell them what store you shopped at and how you paid. The barcode sheet is for items you buy that you won't have a barcode for. Things like gas, going out to eat, fresh fruits and veggies, ect...

Sometimes the prices automatically come up on the screen when you scan then, but sometimes you have to manually enter them. Unfortunately for me, all the stores that I did most of my shopping at I had to look through the receipt to enter the price in.

Once you have finished entering everything in, you just place the scanner in the home base and it automatically uploads to the website.

You get points for every week you use your scanner and can earn bonus points for filling out surveys. Once you get enough points, you can turn them in for free stuff. I took a quick look and saw everything from coolers and children's toys to kindles and tvs. I know it takes awhile to save up enough points to actually get something, but I enjoy it. :) Plus, when I get a free ... something awesome... in the mail it will be that much more awesome! I know my neighbor used to do this and she ended up getting a free TV. I think it took her like 3 years, but still, awesome!

I applied last year and didn't get to do it, but applied again this year and was chosen to be a part of it. I filled out the application and never heard anything back from them, but just got the scanner a few weeks later. I was pretty happy about it.

I don't know if they are still accepting aplications, but if anyone is interested you can visit their website here.

Have a good day everyone!

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Kensie said...

I love the town you live in. It's so beautiful. When we came for your wedding we stayed in a hotel with a corner room and had a full view of the harbor. Sooooo gorgeous. And that shopping scanner thing is so cool. Hope life is good :) Oh and merry christmas!