Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chicago! Part Two

View from our window

This was taken while Daniel was at work.... :)
From Holidays
One of my favorite images, through the peep hole.

Once Daniel and my dad got back we went for a little walk. I almost didn't go because I started feeling pretty sick at this point (in fact, I immediately threw up after coming back, but I'll spare you from any more details, lol ) The only reason I feel I have to mention how sick I was is because of my utter disappointment of not getting more photo opportunities and missing out at a quick window shopping stop into Tiffany & Co, Macy's, ect...

But the walk was delightful and chilly anyway!

This is part of the Tribune Tower, it was so cool. There are pieces of buildings and land from all over the world covering the building. There were actual parts of the Great Wall of China, The Alamo, Numerous castles, the World Trade Center, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, a piece of rock from Abraham Lincoln's Tomb, The Taj Mahal, the Berlin wall and there was even a piece of moon rock on display in one of the windows recently! That had to be one of my favorite places. It not only was interesting and covered in history (literally!) but the architecture was stunning.

I love the modern but woodsy look of the white birch bark against the green. Simple and stunning!

The only store we walked into. Burberry! I have always planned to get a scarf from them... one of these days perhaps. (considering I could get a new camera lens for the same price! Which I would much rather do) I just really love the simple, sophisticated and timeless look of the Burberry style. One simple shirt that I picked up had a price tag of $495.00 hhmmm.. just a *wee* bit out of my price range. (and I'm a clear thinking adult ;)

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