Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lotta Lattes!

All of my daily requirements of milk and calcium are being reached by drinking lattes... I just know it! My latte machine is amazing and my new best friend, I think I'm obsessed. :)
(I have decaff!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Morning Latte

As a wedding gift my hubby and I received an espresso machine. I think we used it once right after we first got married but, for what ever reason, ended up putting it up away. Well, while cleaning the other day I found it again and decided to use it! It's been up there for the better part of 2 years so it needed a good cleaning, but I have fallen in love with it! I just started using it yesterday and have since made 4 lattes (one of those was for the hubbs) and they are so good! I love the rich espresso scent and the sweet foamy milk. Im finishing my morning cup right now, I had to wait until after feeding Ellie of course. That stuff travels quickly to breast milk :)
On another completely different note, I was reading my bible the other day and some things stuck out to me. Now, of course the bible has countless lessons to teach and is the true word of God, the only 100% reliable teaching guide on what is right and how we should live. But Our God is an Awesome God and I think it's really "neat" (for lack of a better word) that not only is the bible a way for us to grow closer to Him and learn how to live, but also a history book and an example of how humans really are all the same and have never really changed (sadly)
Anyway, I was reading about Abraham and the time the three visitors came to visit him to tell him that Sarah was to have a son (Gen 18:1-19) I was reading through where the men were talking to Abraham and that Sarah was at the entrance listening to them.
Then the Lord said, "I will surely return to you about this time next year, and your wife Sarah will have a son" Now Sarah was listening at the entrance of the tent, which was behind him. (Gen. 18:10)
I couldn't help but to smile... "how wifeish!" I thought. I could just picture the men getting together with Abraham and them all talking and Sarah not being able to control her curiosity and wanting to know what was being said. I can see her trying to find a spot in the tent where she could hear the best. I see her in my mind kind of straining her ears trying to catch everything.
How many of us women are like that now? I know that when hubby gets a phone call or I see him talking about something to someone that I don't recognize my first thoughts are "who was that? What did they want? I wonder what he's saying?" Not that that's a bad thing, I just smiled at the thought that our wifely human curiosity has been the same for over 2000 years and is the same in every culture.
Well, my quite morning is almost over, so time to get off and get busy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Tender Childhood

Last night was one of the sweetest nights with my babies! It all started with a not so sweet evening though.
After dinner both Diana and Ellie started just getting totally fussy and difficult. Hubby and I could not figure out what was wrong with them… we came to the conclusion it was just end of the day crankies. Anyway, after we had put them to bed we went to bed ourselves. Hubby fell asleep pretty quick but I was up for awhile (just reading and doing some chores) and both babies were still up at this time, which is odd because normally they are pretty good about bedtime.

So I went into the nursery to check on them to see if there was anything wrong. Nope, everything looked good! So, I gave them both a kiss and walked out. But boy, did that make them both mad! After hearing them both scream / cry for awhile I went back to see what I could do. Didi was on the urge of sleeping but Ellie was getting more and more upset by the second! So I got her up and took her to the living room. Clean diaper, she wouldn’t nurse, she didn’t need burped, and nothing else seemed to make her feel better. Finally, I just decided she needed some loving.

I swaddled her up super tight, turned off all the lights and turned off everything that made noise. I held her super close to me and just gently whispered how much mommy, daddy, and Jesus love her. She calmed down ever so slowly, finally falling asleep in my arms. It was so sweet and just melted my heart. I just held her for a little while examining every little perfect feature before taking her back to the nursery and putting her into the crib. I set her down then saw Diana in her crib holding her bunny rabbit just staring at me.

“Do you want some cuddle time too Didi?” I asked while I walked over to her. I though she would totally resist me when I tried to pick her up, but to my surprise not only did she let me pick her up, she melted right into my arms! She almost NEVER likes to cuddle. But this time she just let me hold her! I was so happy! She laid there with her head just gently resting on my shoulder. I just stroked her hair and prayed with her. I thanked God for my beautiful little family and thought about how much I love them. I gently swayed back and forth while holding Diana and she too, just fell asleep in my arms. I gently lay her back down and said another prayer of thanks before going back to bed myself. I am so blessed!!!!

Babies just need extra cuddle time sometimes!!! They seemed so overly tired. I guess it kinda surprised me. I’m always afraid I’m not spending enough time with them and giving them each enough attention. I also have a tendency to think that just because we are not out “doing things” and not going out on play dates all the time that they get bored at home. I spend so much time trying to teach things and play with Diana and hold and play with Ellie that I forget about quite time sometimes. I mean, we do have quite time and naptime of course. But just about every minute they are up I feel guilty that my attention is divided so I try to give extra, EXTRA attention almost every chance I get. Last night just kind of let me know that just because we are not out all the time and that even though my attention is divided, doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough going on. I can take a break every once in a while from “learning” and “playing” time and just relax a bit. Just because we’re at home the majority of the time doesn’t mean were not doing enough. The day doesn’t always need to be filled with “learning.” Some days you just need to cuddle and hold your babies. Just As long as they are fed and clean sometimes the only other thing they need is plenty of hugs and cuddles!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My girls :)

Diana is getting so old!!! I can't believe how quickly the baby years go by! Our little Didi is a toddler, with a flippen will of iron! (make that titanium) She is so, so smart, I am so proud of her. Right now she pushes the extremes on EVERYTHING though. Most everyday is a crazy challenge with her. She attempts to push Daniel's and my limits daily, it can get tiring but we are enjoying the toddler time because there is so much interaction!

Little Elsie (Ellie) is just the sweetest little button! She is so very mellow and patient! I never realized how high strung Didi was until Ellie came along. They are totally as opposite as night and day. Both Daniel and I enjoy cuddling Ellie on the bed in between us, something Diana never lets us do after she was about 6 weeks old. Ellie is our cuddle bug! We wuv her :)

Have not blogged in FOREVER!! Here are some more updates!

Awh!!! Big sister Diana playig with little Ellie girl!
Awh! Look at the three of us girls! Look at me all smiling.. I had no idea how crazy my life was about to get. Sweet ignorant bliss! That ended pretty quick... like.. as soon as the first week was over. The first month is nothing but one sleepless blur.

Crazy quick family photo!! :)


Too busy doing other things to be online, during that time I got pregnant with baby #2!