Monday, August 9, 2010

My girls :)

Diana is getting so old!!! I can't believe how quickly the baby years go by! Our little Didi is a toddler, with a flippen will of iron! (make that titanium) She is so, so smart, I am so proud of her. Right now she pushes the extremes on EVERYTHING though. Most everyday is a crazy challenge with her. She attempts to push Daniel's and my limits daily, it can get tiring but we are enjoying the toddler time because there is so much interaction!

Little Elsie (Ellie) is just the sweetest little button! She is so very mellow and patient! I never realized how high strung Didi was until Ellie came along. They are totally as opposite as night and day. Both Daniel and I enjoy cuddling Ellie on the bed in between us, something Diana never lets us do after she was about 6 weeks old. Ellie is our cuddle bug! We wuv her :)

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