Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Bye 2 Doors, Hello... Family Jeep! Carmax, I Love You!

So... it's done. My Jeep is gone! It now belongs to Carmax! I have very bittersweet feelings about this. My Jeep was my baby (other than my real babies of course... and my camera, lol :) And I did meet my hubby because of my Jeep... but.... it hasn't been working out well for me lately, it being a two door Jeep and all. The whole climbing in and out through the back seat wrestling the kids in and out and having NO room for groceries has been getting old. So, after much hassle trying to sell it ourselves.. off to Carmax we went!

We went there the other day and met with a really sweet woman named Alexis (who had great hair! :) and she was super duper friendly and explained the whole process, which was really simple. They gave us a quote and asked what we thought. Daniel and I briefly talked about it before going, but didn't want to make any decision until we had time to thoroughly talk it through and pray about it. We said that we would need time to think about it. I was kinda nervous when we said we didn't want to take it, because salespeople, particularly car sales people, seem to have a way of making you feel really bad, like you wasted their time. She was not like that at all! She was just as awesome and nice when we said "bye!" as when we said "Hi!" :)

So, we got home, looked some stuff over and I found my dream vehicle online! Well, several of my dream vehicles, lol :) We also saw that CarMax really did offer us a great offer on my Jeep, so we decided to sell my Jeep to carmax!

So, off to carmax we went! That is, after a very long day that included me wasting an hour doing my hair 50 times before settling on a side pony :P Diana also has learned how to say "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! a million times in a row until I answer her, so I heard that constantly today too. we went to CarMax to sell my Jeep.

I was kinda apprehensive about it all. When I bought my Jeep I just about signed my life away, the process took forever and I didn't understand really all the I signed (that's nice to admit online.. right??? lol. Don't worry, my dad was there for me :) I was young :) So, I went in there to the front desk and asked the two ladies up there what I needed to do (they both had great hair.. come to think of it, everyone there had great hair, lol :) They were sooooo sweet! They were super friendly and told me everything I had to do. Felicia was the main girl who helped me with all the paper work. She was the best. The whole experience was great (the even had a play area for the kiddies!) and I suggest anyone who wants to sell their car (or buy!) to go to CarMax, the one on Metro Blvd in Milwaukee if you get the chance ;)

Now we just have to decide on what to buy! I didn't think it mattered much to me, as long as it has four doors, I told Daniel I would be happy. there are so many Jeeps out there! Now we just need to find the one perfect for us. I can't wait to go out with the kids in a FOUR DOOR Jeep. How sweet will that be? I should buy myself some awesome sunglasses, so I will look good driving the new Jeep. Sunglasses make me feel cool, lol. So lame.....It's late... so good night all!

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Hannah Banana said...

Im glad it went well for ya!! Hope you guys find the perfect jeep soon!! :) God will provide it at the right time!!