Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Or, Cupcake Day!

So, yesterday was Mother's day and it was great! It was very sweet and simple. We all slept late and ate really nummy omelets and then I quick ran out to do food shopping. I wonder, what other the other moms with young kids do on Mother's day?? It wasn't my first Mother's Day, but my babies are still to you to "get" any holiday, so it was a very laid back day. Anyway.. I have been talking about cupcakes lately and how much I want one because all the cupcakes at Costco look like amazing little dreams made of frosting. Oh num! The only problem is they don't sell them in any less amount than 24. Yikes! Considering I am the only one who eats sweets in the house... buying that would be a total recipe for disaster! So, before running out hubby insisted that I buy something sweet! So at the food store I bought a single perfect cupcake. (also a few donuts.. but thats not what this is about ;)

So, anyway, after months of wanting a cupcake with too much frosting, I got one! Look, it sparkles :) It was great Mother's Day and I just relaxed with my awesome little family the entire day :)


Kristenne Marie said...

sooo cute! :)

Eren Mckay said...

Loooove me a cupcake;P
My boys gave me hand written cards and I loved them. They also gave me one of my favorite things in the world - facial and eye cream - LOL. Twas great.

Meg Issacs said...

@ Kristenne... thanks! :)

@ Erin, that is awesome :)Hand made cards are the best! :)