Monday, May 16, 2011

Share the Savings, Share the Love!

So, I went to Walgreens last Friday.... found some amaaaaaazing deals!!!! Yessssss! This time I purchased a total of $53.00 dollars worth of stuff an only paid $3.45! I'm staring to get the hang of this whole couponing thing ;)

Of course, I didn't figure all this out on my own. Not only are there numerous online forums and websites that will help teach you (, are my 2 favorites ) but also when my mom finds a good deal she tells me and even store employees help! I wrote about Tara the other day from Walgreens. Man, she is awesome!!!!! Her knowledge is astounding of not only how to use the coupons, but how to split up transactions and what different in store coupons can be stacked.

I recently popped in the other day and we got to talk'in and I asked how she learned so much about all this. She said it started years ago when her son was in diapers and she realized just how expensive it is. She started not just using a coupon here and there, but learned how to use multiple coupons for diapers. Of course, after she started saving money on diapers she picked up how to use coupons like that for other things. Couple that with working at Walgreen's, she's like an encyclopedia!

In fact, Tara told me that's one of the things she likes most about her job, being able to share what she has learned with people and continually learning from customers as well! Seeing her regulars come in always brings a smile to her face. :) Of course, with all the happy couponers coming in there, there is bound to be a nut or 2. There is one person she said who will often come through and want to do up to 30 transactions at a time! ----Yikes! Thankfully, people like that are the minority :)

So, yeah. Tara is awesome. She has fun, enjoys her job and loves her co workers. If you're ever in the area and want some advice about coupons or just want to visit the most awesome Walgreen's EVER, stop in at Saukville!

Saving so much is so intoxicating! It's nice getting the good brands, buying the super nice disposable razors instead of selling out and buying the cheapos and generally buying things I maybe wouldn't if I didn't get as a good of a deal as I have been. And, at Walgreens, since often you need a "filler" item, it gives me a good excuse to buy something extra and have it save me even more money!

Walgreen's is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores...even giving Costco a run for the money! Haha, wow, I am lame... but you know what? That's ok! Because if I insist on only being amused and excited by what is generally considered exciting, then my life would be pretty boring. :) No offense to my little sweet hearts :)


Tara said...

Meg, you are so sweet! it is always good to see your kind face, come in anytime and lets try to save money together, haha ;)


Hannah Banana said...

That's awesome about saving money!!! :) I'm so happy for you about saving money :) Wish it's easy for I'd love any tips and advice since i'm going to be responsible for shopping for my dad and brothers in June while my sisters are away at a camp. I'm kinda nervous about it... :-/

BTW Thank you, Meg for the encouraging comments on my blog! :) I appreciate them.
Hope you have an awesome week!!

Kathleen said...

Hi there,

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Shannon said...

New follower from! Would love if you follow back! Way to go with the awesome deals from Walgreens!