Monday, May 2, 2011

Photo Contest... Yeah!

So, while perusing the Internet I found this awesome blog called Otherwise know as, (life is too short not to) wear red heels.The blog is even better then the name ;) Anywho... she is hosting a photo contest!!! You're allowed to enter two portraits. So.. here are mine! I had a really hard time choosing but with the help of hubby paired down my many favorites to.....

My beautiful daughter Diana looking out the window and telling me about all the wonderful things she is seeing :)

And my other photo is my adorable little Ellie belly, being the cute little goofball that she is :)

Both photos were taken by me and are my entries! Have fun everyone who is entering and God bless you!


Annabella said...

Very cute shots!

Meg Issacs said...

Thanks so much! I love the subject matter :)