Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All Things Pretty, Spring and Vintage!

The last few days have finally started to feel like spring! The weather is slowly starting to get warmer, the sun shines soft and bright through the trees in the morning and there are bright little green buds on the plants. Ahh! So poetic and inspiring. Speaking of poetic and inspiring, all things vintage come to mind. I have been so inspired by anything pretty and floral lately. That is what this post is entirely about, all things pretty, spring and vintage!

My new favorite hair clip! This was made by my friend Becky, owner of Dancing Daisy Boutique.( http://www.etsy.com/shop/DancingDaisyBoutique ) She has so many beautiful designs and colors, I chose this one because of the soft muted green. My girls each have several bows from her also, check out her etsy shop, she constantly is putting up new and adorable creations!

This is my beautiful sister Mandy. She popped in the other day to watch the babies and I fell in love with her bright and happy perfect pink dress. Adorableness! I'm on the hunt this spring to find modest and pretty vintage dresses and vintage inspired dresses. This is just that! Of course, beautiful clothes can be expensive. Imagine my surprise when she said this was a local thrift store find of about $6.00!

This is the dress I picked up at Target the other day on clearance for $13.00. I love the style of Target dresses, but often they are far shorter than I am comfortable wearing. Usually up way past my knees. Then there is the other extreme of maxi dresses. Maxi dresses look so great and elegant on tall people, but drown my 5'3" frame. So this one fits perfect!

Here is photo from my husband's and my room..... the one in my dreams anyway :) I like the soft peaceful neutral colors and the lightly painted wood armor. Can you imagine not being able to relax in this room?! I love this... I just need to find a few good thrift store finds... then convince Daniel that we need to move to an ocean front home.

I don't normally like colored kitchens, but this one is just so delightful! The light slate gray/blue is soft and peaceful without being boring and the pastel canary yellow is light enough where it's not an "in your face" color. I like the mix of the vintage porcelain sink and the stainless steel dishwasher. A marriage of great style and modern convenience!

There it is, my latest finds of pretty, spring and vintage!

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