Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Pastels, Dreamy Colors, and Billowy Dresses!

So, I never have been a real fashion maven or terribly concerned about my clothing, but I do love pretty things! Pretty, girly, feminine things! I may be here in 2011, but my heart belongs somewhere in vintage land. :) Right now my wardrobe is pretty basic, seeing as I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 2 years. Now, the dodo bird is 2 and Ellie belly is 1 and I still am crawling around the floor a bunch and getting the occasional spoon full of their latest meal on me, but I am trying to invest in a few nice things here and there!

I like having a plan and insist on sticking to a budget! Maybe I'll see something I really love here or there and I'll get it, but for the most part I'll have an idea in my head on what I want and I'll stick to it! (usually... :) I don't want to buy something I only half like, but something that I know I'll love and wear all the time! I was on Pinterest for a little bit today and gathered some ideas of what my dream wardrobe would (will!) look like. I plan on scouring resale shops, rummage sales and maybe even a vintage shop here and there as I slowly build up a wardrobe that includes timeless pieces that make me feel like a lady! I plan on not spending more than $10.00 on any one piece, $15.00 at most.

Our treasures should be stored in heaven, everything on this earth is fleeting! I do not want to get caught up in outward appearances, but I don't think as woman we need to look dowdy either. Our heavenly Father created all the many colors and wants us to enjoy life! He is the one who put the colors on the flowers, painted the sky with brilliance, taught the birds their songs, the brook to babble and the sun to shine. He wants us to enjoy this fleeting life in all it's splendor! Praise the Lord always and in EVERYTHING rejoice!

Pretty, girly and feminine!

I love the muted mint green and the petal soft pink dresses, the lace just ties everything together! If I were to find a dress like this I would layer a modest tank top underneath it and also a longer skirt underneath to lengthen the look.

Sparkle party dress! I think this would be perfect as a holiday dress with a 3/4 sleeve black shirt underneath. So pretty and unpractical! :)

I love this hair style! So dreamy, whispy and romantic! I will be trying this one soon!

Oh, I love this dress! It looks so very comfortable! The soft looking cotton jersy I bet just feels sublime when you put it on! It's simple enough where I would could ware it around the house all day and it's pretty enough that if you throw on a necklace and cute shoes, it would be a perfect date night dress with the hubby! This is probably one of the only dresses that I have seen in long time that if I knew where to get it, I would go buy it right now!

These dresses remind me more of dress up as a little girl than anything else, which adds to the charm. There is nothing quite as precious as little girls and the hope in their heart for a home of their own! A home filled with love, sunshine and laughter of little children and... of course.... their knight in shining armor! The man that will sweep them off their feet, and be your one true love! Yes, lots of my little girl fantasies for the future were viewed with rose tinted glasses (aren't they all!)

Of course, as you get older (and wiser, hopefully!) you learn that romance has to do just as much with work, sweat, a whole lot of commitment and some daily doses of reality. As Christian woman we are to serve our families. This includes waking up early, staying up late, long suffering (patience) kindness, gentleness and showing Grace where maybe you don't think Grace is deserved. Part of love and romance is knowing that you are made to serve! God wants our attitudes to be that of serventhood, but not of a slave! We serve because we choose to serve, not because we are forced too. (Proverbs 31)

As much as true love can be "work" I believe (or what God has placed in my heart) is that it's still ok..... nay, even HEALTHY to have daydreams of romance for you husband! My mind is so often just in the moment or just focusing on getting through that day, that by the end of the day and at the end of my rope, all I want to do is go to bed or stare numbly at the tv. But, since the kids go to bed before we do, why not make time for romance?

Why settle for reruns on tv when you can talk over candle light while eating chocolate covered strawberries? Of course, this takes forethought, And lots of it! In the hussle and bussle of meal planning and shopping list making, why not daydream of romance and plan on buying strawberries and some chocolate? During the week while the kids are napping or you have some quite time, make those chocolate covered strawberries and think of you hubby and eagerly anticipate him! Send him an email or text message and tell him what you think of him and how much you are looking forward to his arrival at home, give him something to daydream about!

May you rejoice in the wife of your youth! Proverbs 5:18

Now, as I write this... Im feeling pretty convicted. Fot the past 2 weeks Im pretty sure I have done nothing but complain to poor hubby once he has gotten home, that and nag him. God wants more for him, and our marriage. These last few days before the weekend, I will ask God to help make me more aware of my words before they come spilling out of my mouth. I will pray and ask that by HIS Grace all that I say and do be nothing but encouraging and life giving! I also think I'll pick up some strawberries this Friday... ;) Ladies.... lets commit to serving our husbands and families this next week!


Brooke - "Brookie's Baby Bargains" said...

I wish I could lose this baby weight and wear one of those dresses. So cute.

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hilljean said...

Sigh. Everything in this post was beautiful. Makes me want to wear a dress, curl my hair, and dance in a field. :)

Ewa said...

I love pretty things :) but at the moment is just comfy things - well I am 9 months pregnant :)

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Ooooo that grey cotton dress is so pretty and comfy looking!

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Anonymous said...

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Those dresses are absolutely beautiful! I love them!

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Hi Meg! I'm a new follower from the Cup of Joe blog hop.
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Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! I love the last one, so sweet! Great thoughts, too, darlin'. :o)

Nay said...

Refreshing bloggy:)
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Daisy said...

You have a budget too! I'm learning to do that right now with clothes. It's true, this life is temporary and we should not store up things here. Sometimes I forget that and go crazy. This was a good reminder :)

CecillyShianne said...

Hi, do you know where the mint green lace dress that you have on your blog is from?

CecillyShianne said...

Hi, do you know where the mint green lace dress that you have on your blog is from?

Meg Isaacs said...

Hi CecillyShianne! I have been looking for this dress for almost a year myself, and wouldn't you know it, I just found it this past week!
Here is the direct link:

If for some reason that doesn't work, it's found on Just go under "dresses" and it's found on page 3 (as of today at least :)