Thursday, July 28, 2011

Low Calorie But Still Healthy Lean Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Whew! What a mouthful! Well, it will be once you make it! hahaha...ok, stupid joke :( But the recipe is amazing!

We try to eat as healthy and as lean as possible (most times anyway) so I am always looking for yummy and healthy recipes. Stuffed peppers are one of our family's favorite meal! I used to make them with regular ground beef and mixed lots of cheese in them, then topped them each with their own little mountain of cheese towards the end of baking. SO very good! But so very bad....

Anyway, here is a little healthier recipe. This version of stuffed peppers has just enough little extra kick where you don't really notice the difference of ground turkey (instead of ground beef) and the lack of cheese. So, here it is:


* 5 Servings of cooked rice
* 3 Peppers
* 2 cans of tomatoes and green chilies
* frozen corn
* frozen peas
* Pico De Gallo
* Aprox 1 pound of ground turkey

Cook the rice. I made it the long way this time, but instant rice works well too! See how boring and sad the rice looks? Add in two cans of tomatoes/green chilies! Then about 3/4 cup frozen corn kernals and about the same (maybe less) of frozen peas. (I did end up adding some tomato sauce because it looked to dry.

Time for the pico de gallo! Hubby and I really like this stuff (found at costco!!!) So I added about a cup. Mix that all up and and you have your filling!

For the peppers get a pot of water boiling with just a pinch of salt. Cut off the tops of the peppers and take out all the seeds inside. Let them boil for about 7 minutes or so. Just enough so that they are all tender and bright!

(notice I stacked them all creative and artistic like, with one laying on it's side? :)
From July 28, 2011

Place those in a pan. Once they are cool enough to handle, fill the peppers with the rice mixture. I always make extra rice mixture because we love having the rice for lunch the next day.

(The secret to any recipe? Making it while drinking a cup coffee of course! Notice the background pink mug :)
From July 28, 2011

From July 28, 2011

Once everything is all filled, stick in a pre heated oven of 400* for about 20 min. Volia! Yummy stuffed peppers! What about the ground turkey? Well, I forgot about it until after the peppers were already in the oven. Blah!

I opened the microwave to warm up my coffee ( and there it was, the perfectly defrosted ground turkey! Duh! Oh well, now I can use the turkey for another night and the stuffed peppers turned out even leaner and were still just as good! If you want to know when to use that, just cook up the ground turkey with lots of garlic, onion powder, (or a chopped up onion, you go getter you!) and some hot sauce. Drain and add the turkey with the rest of the rice mixture.

There you go, a super delicious and healthy dinner!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh this looks good! I just made stuffed peppers myself for the first time a few weeks ago - but I did it the unhealthy way with tons of cheese. I'll definitely have to try this instead. And hopefully my daughter will still like it - she's a cheese fiend like me! :o)

By the way, love your wedding pictures down there! So pretty! The turquoise ribbon on your dress is gorgeous!

Daisy said...

Man this looks good! I'm gonna try it :) I like your new header!!!

Anne Marie said...

This look luck such a great recipe! Stuffed peppers are awesome :)

Melanie said...

Hey there - thanks for visiting my blog. I loved perusing yours, and am happy to follow you!

Amanda said...

YUM! Those look so good! Gotta try them!