Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing! In My Dreams....

So, last weekend was Mother's Day and it was great and relaxing. Of course, since it was so relaxing I didn't do any cleaning and I knew Monday there was going to be extra to do. Then, Sunday night I was looking for an extension cord and could not find one absolutely anywhere. We have like 3 extension cords and live in a 2 bedroom apartment and none were to be found. Ggrrr!!! I was so upset and frazzled! I should have just stopped looking, but I felt that I had to find one and just started going through everything. The more I looked the more frustrated I became. Soon, I was pulling everything from out of the closets, digging everything from out under beds and couches and going through all storage containers, toy boxes and piles of papers. The whole time promising myself that on Monday I was absolutely going to organizer and clean every square inch of our home. I figure, why not pull out everything... it was all going to be organized anyway on Monday.. right??? Can we see where this is going.... lol :)

Wow... talk about a shameless photo upload!

So, Monday comes and I wake up to an overwhelming mess throughout the entire apartment. So sad.. I did actually feel motivated to clean and organize, but somehow I must have just totally lost my mind and traveled to imaginary perfect megville. Somehow I thought I would be able to clean and organize my entire household, get dinner done on time and take care care of a one and two year old and be finished by 3:30 in the afternoon. Ha!

Well, I am happy to say that although it took every free moment from my day, I DID clean and organize the entire living room. That includes sorting a bunch a piles of paper, organizing the coat closet and cleaning under all couches and stuff like that. I also rearranged everything a bit, I like our set up now much better. Although I didn't have time for major organizing and cleaning (scrubbing out the oven, alphabetically sorting the pantry, ect...) I did still have time to do dishes and general clean up. Yeah!

I'll be doing more organizing this next week, Lord willing. I love organizing, just hate the cleaning part! Maybe I'll be able to get my mom to watch the girls for a day and I'll just go all over the house cleaning like a crazy person!!! I think I'll do that next time I want to attempt such a large cleaning project. How do all the other people go about organizing their households?? Is there a good system I need to know?? Then how do you keep it like that?!?!?!


liz said...

I'm having fun reading your post about this cleaning and organizing topic. ironically i find the messed up living room kinda cool. it's okay to have messed up living room once in awhile ryt?or just me...{lol} keep writing!

Meg Issacs said..., your right, it is ok sometimes!!!! It still drives me crazy though, lol :)

Liz said...

Wow it looks much better! Great job. :)
When I organize I try not to do too much at once. I'll do one room at a time to make sure it's done right.
It helps me to make a list of the main things I want to do, before I start out. (Like, organize papers, clean up clothes, vacuum, etc.)

It's also helpful sometimes to throw everything into a big bin, then do the vacuuming and dusting or whatever. Then you have a nice clean living room and you can take the bin around and put everything away.
You just have to make sure to put it all away. But even if you save it for the next day, you'll have a clean living room. :)