Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh my blog you dear friend... I have missed writing! I have taken this whole summer off from writing. It wasn't intentional, but this summer has been just full to the brim with spending time with new friends, connecting with old friends, mini adventures, early mornings, late nights, long walks, and a  flurry of photoshoots. 
This truly has been one of my favorite summers!

We also have 2 other big announcements..................

We are moving from Wisconsin to Texas in the Spring!

 We are more excited than you can imagine and bursting at the seams with excitement  My hubby and I just love it down there and just thrilled that we'll be moving there!

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Also..... We're expecting baby #3!!!!!

Woohooo! So exciting!!!! This was most definitely not planned and quite a surprise, but we are already so ready to meet and hold our new little baby! It's hard for me to imagine another little one apart of our family, my joy feels already complete and brimming over, so I am very eager to meet and snuggle this new baby. :)

Our due date is is May 9th! New baby's birthday will be just about 2 weeks after Diana's birthday and 3 weeks before Ellie's. (Those darn hot summer nights, they always seems to get the best of Daniel... if you know what I mean. hehehe :)

So, despite the amazing summer we have all had, just like all good things, has ended. The warm sun has been replaced with freezing rain and cold winds, our long days outside on walks and at the beach has turned to restless days inside trying to keep 2 toddlers busy and my natural "exercise high" from being out and about and constantly on walks has been replaced with morning sickness, throwing up and migraines. (That's a neat little new pregnancy symptom)

I'm finding myself missing the freedom to vent, talk and general conversation the blogging world has to offer. I miss my blog friends and keeping up with every one's lives and I miss documenting my own.
I also feel more freedom to talk on here and update on life rather than on fb. Blogs are so much more unassuming. I often feel, I don't know, maybe bombarded a little on facebook rather then a blog. Sometimes seeing other people's endless rants, endless pictures and endless updates on their life can either annoy me or cause feelings of jealousy to creep in. Like maybe somehow my life isn't measuring up to how exciting, beautiful and happy other's people's lives are. I sometimes wonder if my posts or photo updates annoy people or if I post too often.

 But here on my blog, people can come on here if they want to know what's going on in my life or are curious. As compared to me popping up on their facebook.

Plus, facebook is addicting and I don't like that! Once I start to get sucked in it's hard to not constantly check it and see what others are doing. Facebook is like seeing someone in the middle of a cross walk on a busy street. You see a moment and hear a sentence or two, and then your gone off to the next thing. 
Blogs are like cozying up with a friend in a sort of way and hearing about their day, their lives, their joys, sorrows and actually catching up. 
Not all people will agree with me on this, but that's just the way I see it.

So hello again blog world! How have you been and what have you been up too?

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Kensie said...

You have so many exciting changes coming. Take us with you to Texas! :) And a baby! Yay. You guys make adorable children so this one has it in the bag. ;) anyways, I love your blog. So glad you're back. Can't wait to read more.

blessings on you all, Kensie