Monday, November 3, 2008

14 Week Baby Bump!

Yeah! The baby is finally making it's presence know to the world! I have known since the beginning, in fact I am reminded every time I run to the bathroom to puke up my guts or when ever I start dry heaving for no apparent reason. Ah! The joys of pregnancy! ;) Honestly... I really could not be any more happy or fulfilled. Even when I am feeling dinner coming back up, I cant help but to say a prayer of thanks that the baby is alive and well.

But it's really nice having a belly to show for everything! It not only makes everything more real for me, but also my hubby. Now that he can actually see that the baby is in there he seems even more excited and in awe everyday, I didnt even think that was possible :)

Yesterday was one of the first days where people really noticed, I never thought I would be so happy for people to stare at my belly. I have been getting extra smiles from other shoppers, the bag boys are more careful with my things, people hold doors more often, and today while standing in a line to vote I was offered a seat. It was odd, My husband and I were standing in line for over an hour when we finally neared the polling booths. There was an empty chair just a few people ahead of me, and since the people ahead of me were quite a bit older I didn't even think about sitting down. I though "save it for the people who could really use it" Yes, my back was hurting (as it has been so far all through my pregnancy) but I didn't really think about it till one of the women pushed the chair towards me and urged me "here, sit down, you'll feel better." i honestly was quite taken a back, I didnt think I looked that pregnant. I wasn't going to take the chair because I didn't really need it; but she looked so eager to help and I could tell she wanted me to sit down so I did. I don't know why but I found it odd, but I'm the pregnant woman that you see when you go out! Woo Hoo! I look pregnant!!!

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