Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starting Summer With a Road Trip!

Well, mini road trip anyway :) After getting the Jeep we had to try it out. So, on Memorial Day Sunday after breakfast we loaded up the kids and headed out the door with a map and no plan! It felt like the freedom I felt as a child during the summer with 100 acres of woods in the backyard and all day to play.

We put on a few hundred miles just driving this way and that, through farmlands and little towns. It was overcast, but the cloudy day added to that mellow lazy day feel. The type of day where you pop in a great cd and feel like you could just drive all day, so that's just what we did. :) We just drove!

When we were little, Dad always told us the big white thing was the Jolly Green Giant's golf ball, Daniel and I figured it was a weather station. That's not what we told Diana and Ellie though. ;)

There were so many people proudly displaying American flags!

Off the beaten path... a little bit :)

I love my hubby :)

Little one nibbling on lunch

Diana loved getting out to run!

Yummy lunch picnic!

Cool old buildings :)

Small town festivals...

Coffee break at Alterra :)

Hubby got a red eye coffee with a triple shot of espresso! Me, a latte :)

Coffee was the perfect end to a perfect day to a chilly summer day. The whole weekend was great and the best possible start to summer, I can't wait for the rest of the year!


Becky said...

It looks as though y'all had a great road trip. The pictures are wonderful. New follower via the Follow Me Chickadee hop.
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Let's Pour Tea said...

Road Trips are great. They are the best type of vacation in my opinion. :)

Totally Momma said...

Hi new follower from the blog hop!


fromcorporatetodomestic said...
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Natalie said...

Looks like an awesome road trip! Loved all the pics :)