Monday, June 13, 2011

Treasuring Every Moment, our Time in Indiana. Post 1 of 2

This past weekend was filled with joy and bittersweet moments. Last week Daniel's Great Grandmother Elsie left this earth to be forever with Jesus. She lived a long and very full life, touched many peoples hearts and her legacy will always be remembered by her family. In fact, our little Ellie was named after her Great, Great Grandmother Elsie. I made sure to ask for photos, listen to stories and find out little things about Great Grandmother Elsie. That way, one day when Ellie gets older and wants to know more about the woman she was named after, we can share those stories with her.

God blessed us just in time with our Jeep, because we were able to go down to Indiana for the memorial and visit with family. All in all, it was a very joyful weekend! It's not very often that Daniel's side of the family is able to get together, so we treasured each moment that we got to spend time with family.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, we blinked and it was over. I was able to get many snapshots, but there never was a moment to get more formal photos. But thats ok, becuase I treasure all the little moments and those are the type of photos I like to get.

Anyway, I was up until 2:00am Friday packing and doing all that last minute prepairing. Despite the late night though, we still got up at 5:30am and didn't actually leave until almost 7:00am. But that's ok! It felt good to be on the road and we looked forward to seeing everyone. :)

My newest drink obsession, Mc Cafe hazelnut iced coffees :)

It's been about 8 months since we have seen Hubby's parents! Only my mom in law was able to make it, everyone else had to stay home. It was great not only that we got to see her, but that the girls did. They have grown so much in the last 8 months! It was really great to be able to share them with her, she just soaked up every second with the little ones and they loved it!

Hubby and his sister Randie, having a moment, but Im pretty sure they were just trying to ignore the camera in hopes I would go away. Come on guys! Memories! ;)

Diana and Ellie were the only children in the house and were doted on by all, they just soaked that all right up! And rightly so to.. children should feel loved :)

Daniel's grandparents are the ultimate host and hostess. They treat you like royalty and feed you like a king, yet you feel comfortable and so apart of the family. Right after Daniel and I got married I noted how much his family not only accepted me with open arms, but treated me just like one of their own! I think I feel just as excited about seeing his family as he is!

His grandparents have an RV and had it all opened and prepared for us. Randie and Jimmy (her hubby) got one half, and our little family got the other half. It was kinda nice to have our own space so they kiddos could unwind a bit easier. We even had our own bathroom, mini kitchen and fridge! Grandma even made sure to have snacks, drinks, cards, extra towels and all the little extras you could possibly need! That really touched my heart because I know this week was very busy and there was a lot to organize, but she took the time to make sure the rv was just as ready for us as just as much as the rest of the house.

Here is little bitty Ellie next to our bed, ready for a much needed night of sleep!

After saying goodnight to all inside, (Grandma, Grampa and Tammy) Hubby and I just sat back and talked a bit with Randie and Jimmy. That didn't last long though because we were all pooped!

It was a long and full day. We slept great and were able to see fire flies. It was a very peaceful and sweet evening. We needed that, because the next day was even busier than that.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Meg!! I'm Sarah Kate! Thanks so much for following, I'm following you right back! Def looking forward to getting to know you!

I love all the pictures you took on these last two posts from your trip to Indiana! You are an excellent photographer!It looks like you have such a nice family, too. I'm the same way - I was blessed with a really good one! :o) Hope you have a happy Thursday! xoxo.