Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

So, I have about a 12,000 word post to because I have not posted in so long and I could go on and on about Valentine's Day itself; but I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet!

Valentine's Day was just a really great day. We all had fun and got see family and friends! Normally we don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's day, but for whatever reason this year we made a bigger deal and things were more eventful.

Things started off bright and early with our 4:00am wakeup call! After a kiss hubby left and I read my bible and had some quality quite prayer. The girls sleeping in long enough for me to spend bible study time would have been more than enough of a blessing, but they slept until 6:30. 6:30!!!! I was so excited, I even got take take a nice long shower in peace and quite!

When the girls did get up we had breakfast on heart plates and I cut their sandwiches into heart shapes:)

We played and then did some cleaning, then came candy! They actually helped pick out their own boxes the other day, but still were surprised to get them anyway. They were even more thrilled that there was chocolate inside! Arn't they just the cutest little boxes?

After that I started dinner in the crockpot. It was an amazing crockpot beef roast. I found the recipe on Pinterest. You take 2 pounds of sirloin tips, 2 cans of golden mushroom soup, a package of cream cheese, an onion, 1/2 cup of water, a chopped clove of garlic and whatever spices you want. Set it for low for 7 hours and you're done! It was Soooooo yummy!

After I threw that together both girls got a bath and then there were gifts to open! My grandma sent them presents. They received clothes, headbands, hair bows, a movie (Shirley Temple :) and adorable little stuffed animals! It was all Valentine's Day themed and the girls and can always use more clothes!

We then went to my dear friend Becky's house! They were all decked out in pink and red and looking very festive. I brought along with my camera because I recently just got a new lens and have been looking for an opportunity to use it. All the children were adorable of course, so I new it would make for good pictures!

I just missed the perfect hug shot, but you get the idea. :)

Becky made everyone lunch and I think everyone sat down at the same time for at least 5 minutes. SCORE!

After lunch the older kids were running around amusing themselves so Becky and I had a mini photo shoot with baby Faith. Ohmygoodess she is just adorable! Becky helped get the cute expressions out and I snapped away! Faith's photos were my favorites of the day.

Faith at one point started getting a little fussy so one of the girls tried feeding her a doll bottle. The look is priceless.

Then we went to my parent's house and saw my mom! Although we didn't have as long of a visit as I would have wanted, the girls and I had a great time being able to talk and get to see her. While we were getting back in the Jeep Diana actually ran back to my mom and wanted to stay with her. It was cute and I think made her day.

When we got home I could smell dinner and Daniel was home!!!!! That right there made it a perfect day! (hubby being home, not dinner being done ) So then my sweet hubby surprised me with TWO boxes of chocolates and a 42' HDTV. Yup, we got a new TV!!! I somehow don't have picture of the tv, but it is AMAZING! I really felt like we were watching tv for the first time, it was amazingly crystal clear.

While eating dinner, we watched tv. I know that sounds completely un romantic and disconnected, but it was awesome! We talked the whole time, so I doubt it's considered "watching tv" We ate our dinner and had cupcakes! (The tv has internet on it, so the remote actually has a netflix button!)

We put the kids to bed early and the hubby and I snuggled together, drank sparkling cider and exchanged cards. It was just special, sweet and relaxing. In fact, I don't even remember going to bed! We must have been tired, because the last thing I remember was jumping into bed, I don't even remember laying down!

It was a great day and I just thank God for all the little extra special blessings. I can't wait for the rest of the week! (I have enough chocolate for the next month!) I hope you had a great day too!!!

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Daisy said...

What a sweet post! The whole day looks so amazing. I missed you on here, good to see you're back :) Your girls are so precious!