Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beans, Beans, Beans!

NOOO!!!!!!!! NOT GREEN BEANS!!!!!!!!!! Well, the solid food adventure continues as we test out the green beans, a most definite dislike! She has liked just about everything that we have fed her, but the veggies I guess will have to be an acquired taste.

The fact that she hates the veggies I must admit I believe to be dear hubby's fault. In his eagerness to introduce her to new things (and watch that cute little face of hers) he has been giving her little tastes of food since she was about 5 weeks old. Not anything big, he will just dip the very tip of his finger and put a very small drop of anything sweet on her tongue. Just enough to make her crave the sweet stuff! At first I didn't mind this, in fact I thought it was kind of cute the way he would share with her. But after the time he put some Monster energy drink in her bottle before bedtime, enough was enough! Like I said though, she has her sweet tooth! (or should that be "sweet gum")

Well, be it veggies, fruits, or rice cereal; the solid food phase has been a fun one so far. Except the diaper changing part of it all. I mean, good Lord how can one baby stink so bad? Hubby changed just one of those and has flat out refused to change another. I did too. JK! I don't have that option :)Well, all for now! Time to try to get some rest before the start of another day!

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