Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Romantic Date Night!

Well, on Friday dear hubby and I had our first date night alone since Diana was born! We have been trying to plan on one for the past few weeks and finally, it came! My sister Mandy came to watch Didi then spend the night (that way we would not have to worry about staying out to late!)
So, my sister came over and I gave Didi her last feeding at 6:30 then set her down to sleep and by 7:00 my husband and I were off! Of course, OUR normal bedtime is around 7:00 so we were already pretty tired, but we would not let that stop us from enjoying sweet freedom!!! :)

So first stop was filling up on coffee and gas, then off to beautiful Mauthe Lake. Once we got there we walked around the trails in the woods, then barefoot on the beach. Which, both of us agreed is highly overrated! We are very much northern people and not prone to liking sand a lot and it got all over our clothes when we tried to lay on the beach to stargaze, (One of our absolute favorite things to do!) so we then made our way to the grassy little baseball diamond. There are no lights anywhere near, so we layed there to stargaze. But the grass was so wet we could not get comfortable so we decided to make our way to the Jeep.

We took the top off, drove to the little boat dock, parked, turned on some music, and layed there and watched the stars. It was perfect! The sky was absolutely breathtaking and the air was just chilly enough that what had to get all cuddly and cozy to keep warm:)

I thought I was going to be in the mood to talk a lot, but instead felt so perfectly happy to just cuddle and listen to our songs. There were no need for words, I knew he was having just as much of a perfect time as me. I do love my husband! We are alike in all the ways that are good to be alike in a marriage, but still different enough in all the ways that are good for a marriage!

We both started falling asleep and knew that there was a 45min drive back home so decided to go drive around a bit. Again, perfect! We drove with the top down all around the woods, I could feel my nose getting all pink from the cool air and could smell the campfire smoke. Ah! What a perfect smell, and just as I thought that hubby suggested we go camping again soon:)

So with the woods steadily getting farther and farther behind us we made our way back home. I glanced at the clock, 9:05. What?! Only just after 9:00! Hubby seemed to read my thoughts. "Let's go get some more coffee then stop by the Elrun park by home. We can sit by the river and talk but still not to have far to drive when we go home. It's so early yet!" "Perfect!" I said.
I mean I was pretty tired, but we have waited so long for our date night! I didnt want it to end so soon.

But as we got near home I looked and saw in hubby's eyes that he looked just as, if not more tired than I. And I was trying not to fall asleep! "You know what hun, tonight has been perfect, lets just go home." "But it's our date night! We have been looking forward to this for so long!" " I know, but cuddling at home sounds just as good" I said, wrapping my arm in his. "Are you sure?" "Im sure!" I said, with a sleepy smile. "Ok! Lets go home! That sounds perfect!" He seemed so relieved! So we got home, sat in the parking lot a little while and...uh.. talked :) Then went up to our apt.

Mandy seemed surprised to see us "so early" It was a little after 10:00, LOL. But we are used to being up at 4:45am so was late for us. Anyway, we all drank a cup of coffee and sat around and talked and laughed and then we went to bed. The perfect end to a perfect evening! Didi slept the whole time so our first date night out was a success!

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