Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Daily Walk

Well, almost daily anyway! So, today after a early lunch Diana and I went for one of our walks. It was the perfect day! She was in good mood (almost!) the whole time or drifted off to sleep, she loves the gentle bump of the stroller as we walk down the sidewalk

We read a few books at a park right on the lake front (never to early to start the love of reading!)
Although I'm pretty sure she was more interested in how the book tasted. :)

While walking we met a very nice man by the name of Frederick Westphal, who plans on running for governor in the upcoming election. He had some pretty good ideas about getting rid of sales tax here in Wisconsin and giving all teachers a %10 raise. We will be looking forward to hearing more as information becomes available.

Although it was the perfect walk poor Didi was getting pretty tired of all the photo ops that I tried to capture, as you can tell here. :) But she is just so darn cute! What can I say?

So it was great day and the perfect walk, but now it is time to start making dinner and brew some iced tea before hubby gets home!

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