Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh boy, here goes my emotions again

So, today I am off to see someone who I do not want to see. This person has been mean, harsh, lied to me, made me cry and wrongly accused me. I can't say I'm super looking forward to this meeting. Have you ever seen someone that you have not liked, then later thought of all the mean or biting things you could have said to that person and wish you would have thought of all that before? Well, I have about 20 mean snotty remarks in my mind that just want to burst forth from my mouth.

I mean, I don't want to be horrible, but I am very tempted to say just one remark that I know will hurt. I know I sound like a horrible person, but that's what I am, a person. Unfortunately people by nature can be pretty horrible. But, I know that's one of the reasons why we have Jesus, because we don't have to be overcome by our feelings and emotions.

Now, I have struggled about what I am going to say today to this person. I mean, I know I should be kind. But, surely it's one thing to be kind and loving to your family even if you don't think they deserve it, but what about to someone who just simply really kinda hates you and will willingly lie and purposely try to make things difficult for you? I have cried and gone through a mired of emotions and was struggling with this issue (on what I should say when I see this person) when this song I was listening too just jumped out at me:

I always reprimand sinners. Wonder when did I forget that...

God in me loves, He doesn't hate. God in me gives, He doesn't take. God in me is patient. Can I say that He is in me?

If He is not in me, I cannot love you. If I cannot love you, I talk of Him in vain. For my words will be empty for the lack of His changing power.

I don't need to worry about being kind to this person, because God who lives in my heart loves, He doesn't hate. How can I freely confess my love and devotion to Christ if my life doesn't reflect Him? Of course we all make mistakes, but I was so ready to purposely try to hurt this person.

So, I know God wants me to not only be kind, but to share His love with this person. Through Him I know that's possible, so thank you Lord! I love you and I know You love me. Help me share that love to ALL who I come into contact with in life.

If you all want to listen to the song I posted the video below. Beware they aren't traditional, but God sure used them to speak to me

(make sure to pause the music player at the bottom of the page first!)


Anonymous said...

Oh you lovely sweet lady! What a beautiful heart you have! Sending you prayers and hugs as you go and talk to this lady. <3

Daisy said...

Meg you are a sweetheart and it stinks that someone is treating you that way. Our flesh definitely wants to say something back but you are right that's why we have Jesus. Be an example of His mercy and grace :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Hope this meeting went glad that you would rather love than hate because of God who lives in you!!

Meg Issacs said...

Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and the prayers. Although I was shaking like a leaf the entire time, Praise God because everything went alright. :D