Monday, March 26, 2012

Wisconsin Restaurant Expo 2012

Sorry about the sporadic posting everyone, life truly has been crazy! But here I am now, again, to share a little of what goes on in the world around me. I'm stepping out of my normal posts about children/ home life to share something special that my little bro and I got to do. We went to the 2012 Wisconsin Restaurant Expo together!

My little brother, Jacob is currently enrolled in culinary school and let me to you everyone, he is amazing! Growing up my family and I all simultaneously agreed that out of everyone he would be the successful business man. Between his business knowledge and his mad cooking skills, he is a force to be reckoned with! Of course, I too have always been in love with my kitchen and cooking (keep watch on mmmmm my blog for an amazing recipe for homemade Naan bread!) So needless to say, a restaurant expo was right up our ally.

The whole event was great, but one of the most exciting parts was that Duff Goldman was the keynote speaker! He was great and shared a lot of helpful information. He definitely had his own style, not what I was used to as far as presentation style speeches go. He was kind of sporadic and he peppered tons of little funny stories and antidotes throughout his presentation. He veered off track several times too. The whole thing presentation was both entertaining and informative. We both liked it a lot!

Afterwards he was available for book signing for his bestselling book Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes. Jake brought something much cooler for him to sign, one of his mega big pastry cookbooks from school. Awesomeness! Apparently Duff thought it was neat too, he wrote: Yes! This book is much more useful than mine! Rock on, Jacob.

Jake was thrilled, as you can imagine. After he signed Jake's book he looked up at me, and kind of looked at my hands like, "Where's her book?" For some reason, even though I knew I was going to book signing, it never occurred to me to bring a book, I just had my camera, of course. I had been snapping pictures the entire time Duff was signing my brother's book, so when he was looking at my bookless hands I commented "Oh, I didn't bring a book because I just wanted a picture, because a picture is worth a thousand words, so by me taking your picture instead of you signing my book, it's like, better than getting a thousand signatures!" ....Um.... Slight pause..... He looked at me like I was an idiot or completely nuts.
Ah well :)

Here are some of the highlights of our day:

This is Corin Beier. She was one of the students that competitively entered the cooking competition! She was super nice and just looked so "chef-ish" I had to get her picture for the blog. :) Her and my brother were on opposing schools. Fortunately, I think she cooks better than she trash talks ;) Like I said, she was super sweet :)

Afterwords, before going home, we stopped at the old out of commission Pabst brewery. I don't know how old the buildings are, but they look to be at least 100. Very cool!

We had a great day and I wish I had time to share more, we took over 200 photos!

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