Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy Normal!

So, is there ever a normal day when you have little ones??? Our days are pretty structured, but inside each of those days a million and one different things go on! Nothing major, just everyday craziness. But from what I gather, that never really ends :)

I was in the kitchen trying to get some dishes done when I heard the babies giggling.. oh it was cute! I peaked in there and saw that Didi had dumped all the puffs out all over the floor and they were practically swimming in them. I was going to pick them up right away, but they looked like they were having so much fun I just let them be. Well, that and I wanted to finish the dishes :) But I mean.. just look at that face! How could you Deny anything to someone who looked that happy?!

Diana used hubby's tooth brush in the toilet, again. She knows that's a no no! I really don't know what the draw is, I mean, all she has to do is let me know she wants to clean out the toilet and I would be happy to show her where the toilet cleaning brush is and how to use it... just kidding! Umm, kind of ;)

During snack time today Diana also dumped a handful of cheddar cheese on Ellie's head, which made Ellie cry out into a burst of overactive tears. I mean, I guess no one likes cheese dumped over their head, but must you cry about it? Ellie does like to cry though... and whimper. It's adorable most of the time. But the littlest things do set her off. Like, if she is crawling towards me and Diana runs into my arms before she gets to me, she just flat out collapses in a little heap on the floor and bursts into tears. Aawwhh! I then quickly scoop her in my arms and give her lots of kisses, which I think is her goal :)

Of course, I then do something for Diana or she'll feel left out. Of course, she dosen't cry. She picks a more subtle planned out approach for attention. Something like emptying out the dresser of all the folded clothes or picking buttons off the remote. Two very sure ways of getting attention :)

Thus, much of my day is giving both babies lots 'a lovin! Toddlers and crusing babies are kinda known for keeping you busy and on your toes :)

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