Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Last Saturday we (the four of us :) went to my family's house for Easter. Of course, Easter wasn't technically until Sunday, but I really doubt that last Sunday was the exact date in history of Christ's Resurrection. Easter Sunday is a day where we specially take time to dwell on and thank God for the ultimate sacrifice He made in sending His only son to earth to live and die for each one of us and the sacrifice Jesus made to live and die for us. He didn't have to, He wanted too! That is both a humbling and encouraging thought! So Saturday is when we celebrated Resurrection day :)

Anyway, we went and visited with my family and fellowshiped together and had a great time! Although we live only about 40 min away, it can be hard to coordinate times where we all can get together. Our family's schedule is very early compared to others, up at 4:00am in bed by 6:30pm. And at my parents house everyone wakes up later and is normally out and about by the time we eat dinner and are getting to bed! Not to mention my brother and sisters have jobs, school, ballet, dance, teaching dance, ect.... Even when we do get together it is VERY rare that we all are there at the same time. So this last Saturday was such a blessing!

We spent time talking and laughing and took a really great long walk. We all went except for my mom, she's the best. She offered to stay home with little Ellie Belly so we could walk at a faster pace and let me have the opportunity to take along my camera :)

So, the day was very chilllaxed. We all just enjoyed spending time together and watching the girls play.

Love this photo! everyone has that cool hip aunt... that's Auntie Em!

Mandy is always keeping Diana in surprise and doing something! I don't know what they are doing here, but looks like they are having fun.

Awh! Another loved photo, not just because of how happy they look, but I am in LOVE with Emily's jacket! Good thing it dosen't fit me, or else I may have to borrow it... for awhile. Then forget to return it... lol...Just Kidding! Kinda..... ;) Anyway, we all dubbed it the "Kate Middleton Jacket"

Had to include this photo of Mandy, it's cute :)

I also took just a ton of photos of jake doing parkour. I dont' really know how to describe parkour except to say that you run and jump off of all types of crazy things and attempt to land on your feet after jumping onto all other sorts of crazy things. Lol, he's pretty awesome at it and it was super fun to photograph!

I love my whole family very much and it was a great weekend. As we all remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us, I think of how blessed I am. Not only for eternity, but just for right now and today. God Bless you all!

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