Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeah for Spring! Boo for Cold :P

Arg. It’s still winter. Well, it feels like it anyway! It’s early April and there is still snow on the ground, that’s just depressing. Maybe it would not be so bad if the kids were just a bit older, but it’s hard to take babies out in the freezing cold, so we have been cooped up inside waiting for the spring. Spring, please come!

Oh well, it will be here and I hate complaining. Anyway, a few days ago the girls and I were going stir crazy, it was driving us mad being inside. Well, Ellie still is at the age where she doesn’t mind, but poor Didi! Every morning almost the first thing she asks is “We go bye bye?” So I finally said yes! We will go bye bye!

I have been wanting to take them to a great park we have here in Port Washington called “possibility playground” Diana went a little last year but she was too young to really “get” the whole playground thing.
So, that’s where we went!

It wasn’t exactly the best day for a park, but there really hasn’t been a good day since lest year, so we bundled up and went out anyway! It was 8:30am, had just finished raining and maybe 45*. We were the only ones there, go figure. :) We were there almost a half hour. Ellie was all bundled up all nice and cozy in the stroller and I pretty much let Diana run till she was so red and flushed that we had to go. I also forgot her gloves, so I didn’t want her out to long.

It was Diana’s first time on a tire swing, she loved it! Im surprised she stayed on it so long, that metal chain was freezing, poor little toddler fingers! I think she would have stayed on it all day if I let her, but I felt horrible about her hands not being warm. Plus, I wanted her to just run back and forth as much as possible hoping it would entice her to take a nap later in the day. That plan worked. Neither her or Ellie are used to being outside, so even just a little time helped them both take really great long naps. Praise the Lord!

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